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Natural vs Neutral

What if i told you …..

There is a difference between natural makeup and neutral make up….. because there is! Let’s break it down;

Natural: This can sometimes be described as “No-Makeup Makeup” or “Second Skin.” This look defines your features without major changes, sculpting, or colors. Simply put… it’s minimal makeup! Think your everyday makeup routine... elevated! Let me bust a common thought here… less makeup does NOT mean less work for your artist. In fact, it often means more steps & patience to create that perfect balance of products to make it look completely effortless!

Neutral: This look is often referred to interchangeably as Natural Glam Makeup.

Neutral makeup gives you more of a flawless look using neutral tones!

A neutral look often features fuller foundation coverage, sculpting and neutral colors with more definition in all areas. Many times, to non-makeup wearers, this look feels like “a lot!”

Can you spot the difference between the two? Which is your preferred face natural or neutral?

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