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Skin Care + The Big Day

One of the most important jobs, for me, is making sure that each one of my clients understands skin care is the most important part of any make up routine! In this blog I will give a few tips on how to prep your skin leading up to the big day. And also how to maintain your skin while you’re on your honeymoon. Congratulations beautiful!

I think people often overlook hydration as a top-tier skin care secret. Its the first thing I suggest to everyone. Just making sure you’re taking in enough wate helps the glow and overall complexion of your skin.


Having a skin care routine: ie. cleanser, scrub, mask (of some sort) and a toner is also essential. Whether you’re 25 or 65 or any age in between you should have a routine specific to your skin care needs. I personally suggest because they can accommodate any skin types. Next is making sure you’re not trying to many new products or services. It is not smart to do any extreme services like a chemical peel within six months of your big day, because you just don’t know what the results will be. Always try and have hair removal services on the face done at least three days before the big day. I would also suggest threading instead of waxing or razor. The results last long and its less irritation to the skin.


During the week/month of your big day things can get pretty stressful. Cutting back on sugars will help with breakouts. Though most breakouts that come from stressful situations are hormonal, cutting back on sugar can help with how bad a hormonal acne can get. Continue to hydrate, internally and also on the surface. Mask, With collagen and vitamin C would be great refreshers on a weekly basis. I personally love the one sold at Tatcha.


And other things are going back to normal, you’re probably getting ready to head out for your honeymoon. Regardless of your destination, please make sure you carry along with you SPF of 40 or greater at all times. If you were lighter and complexion you should be using an SPF around 60 or higher. Even in colder climates you’re exposed to sun rays so to protect your skin please make sure you are using SPF.

Continuing along with the skin care routine you sorted out prior to your big day would be beneficial. And always remember to hydrate, even more if you are drinking!

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