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Meet the powerhouse team behind Beauty by Beé

Where beauty meets expertise.

With a combined experience of hundreds of weddings, our team of licensed cosmetologists and vetted makeup artists seamlessly blend creativity, skill, and passion to turn dreams into reality.

Leading the charge is Brittneé, the visionary founder of Beauty by Beé. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for perfection, Beé ensures that every client feels like royalty on their special day. Alongside her are the dynamic duo of Nikki  and Courtney, masters of hairstyling whose artistry knows no bounds. Together, they sculpt and shape hair with precision and flair, transforming every tress into works of art.
But our team's talent doesn't stop there. Tasha, Jasmine, and Brittnee herself are multi-talented artists who effortlessly transition between hair and makeup, bringing out the best in every face and every mane. Whether it's a soft and romantic bridal look or a bold and glamorous transformation, their expertise shines through in every stroke & curl. Adding an extra touch of magic are our makeup specialists Catherine, Jewel, Mimi, and Nisha With their mastery of color, contour, and creativity, they elevate beauty to new heights, crafting looks that are as unique as they are breathtaking. From flawless foundations to mesmerizing eye makeup, these women know what they are doing!


MEET OUR Glam Squad

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What sets our team apart is not just our individual talents, but our ability to work in perfect harmony. We have synchronized our efforts, seamlessly coordinating hair and makeup to create cohesive and stunning looks. It's this synergy that allows us to exceed expectations time and time again, leaving our clients feeling confident, radiant, and ready to take on the world.
At Beauty by Beé, we don't just create beauty; we create memories. With our team of dedicated professionals by your side, your special day will be nothing short of extraordinary

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